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Friday, November 24, 2017

True Thanksgiving

"I rest in God." - A Course in Miracles; Workbook 109

"...the Lord my God hath given me rest on every side, so there is neither adversary nor evil occurrence." - The Bible: I Kings 5:4

It's hard to believe it has been nearly a year since I've written a blog post.  This has been a year of constant challenge in the apparent world, both collectively and individually.  And the miracle is the ease with which each challenge has been met in consciousness.  As we become aware of each false appearance/projection, and forgive/release the appearance/projection, the ever-present Joy and Peace of Reality is always right here.  Always. Our Reality is in God, Who is Pure Spirit.  

There is no anthropomorphic being outside of us to save us or to give us anything.  God is a word used to denote the origin of all things, and it is only our sexist and misogynistic apparent world that has given this word its destructive meaning. We are told in scriptures around the world that God = Spirit = Good = Love.  Pure Spirit, Perfect Awareness of Perfect Oneness, Love and Goodness without Limit, Pure Joy... THIS is the Origin of All Things.  And we remain IN this vast ocean of Love and Goodness.  It's our Reality.   

Whenever the projected insanity seems too much, we simply need to return in consciousness to this expansive and perfect Reality that we share.  There is nothing holding you back but your own unwillingness to let go of everything you think you know about the world.  Let all the projections go, and be very thankful that you can let them go.  This is why A Course in Miracles reminds us over and over again that "forgiveness offers everything I want." (ACIM Workbook 122).  True thanksgiving is remembering this and living it on a daily basis.  

True thanksgiving is remembering to forgive and rest in God.  There is nothing else to do or be done at all.  For out of this One Self arises all that is good and true and perfect.  True thanksgiving is pure joy, and blesses All. 

"Thus saith the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel:  In returning and rest shall ye be saved. In quietness and confidence shall be your strength." - The Bible: Isaiah 30:15

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